About Us


defloured ® believes that everyone has a right to dessert, whether you have Celiac disease, or for whatever reason you require or desire a gluten free diet. Our goal is to make the happiness of a chocolaty brownie and scrumptious chocolate chip cookie available to everyone.


My name is Johanna, and I am the baker/owner of defloured ®. I am not gluten intolerant, but was born with a very large (and overly demanding) sweet tooth. Aside from this genetic disposition, I deeply believe everyone has the right to dessert.

I am a self-taught baker, baking since I was able to reach the counter tops. I felt the urge to bake in my hands and was driven not only by my sweet tooth, but by the anticipation of that first, second, third taste of cookie batter, or if it ever made it that far, the finished product.

Making good old fashion desserts gluten free is a challenge I am up to and I love the idea of providing goodies that were once seen as something gluten intolerant individuals may have to go without. I spend the time to make every one of my products so that you’d never know they were gluten free.

Baking is my way of sharing love and I am excited about sharing defloured ® with you.

Baking with Love,