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Current Bakery Hours:

Wednesday-Friday: 11am-3pm

Saturday-Sunday: 10am-3pm

To place an order:   https://www.exploretock.com/deflouredbakery

Things to know:
– All available treat options are listed on the Tock menu.  If you do not see it, it is not available.
– Special items change weekly.  The weekly menu will be posted by 5pm Monday.
– Order deadline 1pm the day prior to your pick up date
– Order deadline 5pm two days prior to your delivery date
 Baking Instructions for Take & Bake  (under the goodies section)
For cake orders, please email info@deflouredbakery.com or kelly.defloured@gmail.com.  We ask for 5-7 days’ notice.  We are currently not doing any specialty cake design work.  
If you are looking for any specialty items, i.e frosted cookies, we do ask for 10 days’ minimum notice.

Gift Cards:

Want to gift a friend some treats?  Support defloured while we cannot be together?  You may purchase an e-gift card through Square:


art by Lupe, the official glue of defloured

We Believe in the Right to Dessert for Everyone

Defloured believes that everyone has a right to dessert, whether you have Celiac disease, or for whatever reason you require or desire a gluten free diet. Our goal is to make the happiness of a chocolatey brownie and scrumptious chocolate chip cookie available to everyone.

Delicious Alternatives

Have questions about our allergy accommodations?

I don't have to eat gluten free but I get my baked goods from Defloured because they are delicious.


The unique cookies that Defloured created for my bachelorette party were delicious and adorable.


Defloured is where I go to get all my treats— from sweets for my personal trainer to custom birthday cupcakes.