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Defloured is pleased to offer gluten free, delicious goodies in store and upon delivery.


We have a rotating assortment of options in the shop at all times.


We would love to be part of your special celebrations! We create cakes, party trays, and more.


We offer four types of bread to satisfy your cravings.


All goodies are gluten-free and made with care from fresh ingredients. If you can’t find the answer to your question— contact us.


What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein composite that appears in foods processed from wheat and related species, including barley and rye. It gives elasticity to dough, helping it to rise and to keep its shape, often giving the final product a chewy texture.


What is celiac disease?

Celiac disease is a digestive disease that damages the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food. People who have celiac disease cannot tolerate gluten, a protein in wheat, rye and barley. Gluten is found mainly in foods but may also be found in everyday products such as medicines, vitamins, and lip balms.


What other food allergies can you create goodies for?

We are dedicated to creating goodies for people with food allergies/intolerances. We always try to eliminate as many allergens as possible. Our flour mixture is free of soy, corn and nut flours, but some of our treats may have these allergens in them. If you have allergies please be sure to communicate those with us up front so we can steer you in the right direction. We have items and are able to create special order treats that can be free of almost anything you need to avoid.


Are you nut free facility?

No, although we take every precaution to guard against cross contamination. There are peanuts, tree nuts, and nutty-humans present and used in the facility.


Do you have items that are grain free?

We have a vegan almond date caramel bar that is grain free and may add more in the future.


Do you have sugar free items?

We have a vegan almond date caramel bar that is sweetened solely with maple syrup.


Do you have any items without potato starch?

Yes, our vegan almond date caramel bar, smoochies, and red velvet are free of potato starch.

Ordering, Special Events and Celebrations

What do you offer for special events and celebrations?

We can create celebration cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and trays of cookies and bars for weddings, wedding rehearsals, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, anniversaries, major holidays or just because” parties. Everything is baked and decorated at our facility. We need a minimum of 5 days notice for cake orders or a minimum of 10 days for more elaborate cakes. Once your order has been invoiced we may not be able to accommodate any changes.


How do we order a wedding cake?

Please fill out our order form and indicate your interest in a wedding cake.  Once we receive the form, someone will reach out to you with next steps.


When should we reach out to you regarding wedding cakes?

3-4 months prior to the big event is perfect. We want to allow enough time correspond and talk design to provide exactly what you are looking for.


Do you do wedding tastings?

We are no longer holding tastings at the bakery.  You may sample our cake and buttercream selections by ordering cupcakes.  We ask for a minimum of 6 cupcakes, with one flavor for every 3 cupcakes. 


How do I order a cookie or bar tray?

You’re welcome to create a custom party tray including any of our goodies. Fill out our party tray order form and we will follow up within 72 hours. 


What if I want an item for a tray not available on the form?

Please note the item you wish to have on the tray and a quote will be provided for the tray.


Can I special order a cake?

Let us know what you have in mind by emailing us and adding all additional information including allergies.  We need a minimum of 7 day notice for all special orders. Please note we are closed on Mondays and  Tuesdays, so it may take a couple days for us to respond to your request.  Per our mission, we believe in the right to dessert and want to make sure you do not go without. Pictures are always helpful to send along with your order.


How much time do you need to order cakes?

We ask for 7-10 days’ notice for cake requests. We always appreciate more notice.


What is your policy on changing an order?

We require 72 hours’ notice to be able to make a change to an existing order.  Please note any change in size or design may result in an additional fee that must be paid immediately.  We are able to change any written message to your cake up to 48 hours before the date needed.  No changes can be made with less than 48 hours’ notice.


What is your policy on cancelling an order?

After your order has been confirmed, a cancellation will result in a 10% processing fee.  Any order cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the original pick up/ delivery date will not be eligible for a refund.  You may pick up your order & freeze it (our products freeze beautifully). If you are unable to have someone stop in to pick up your order on the original pick up date, you may notify us to change the pick up date to 1-2 days later in most cases- keeping in mind we are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


What is your payment policy on orders?

Once your order is confirmed with us, you will be sent an invoice to pay electronically.  Payment on this invoice must be made no later than 48 hours before your requested pick up/delivery date.  If payment has not been made within that 48 hours cut-off, we cannot guarantee that we will have your order.  As a small business, we cannot queue your order into production if payment has not been made.  Please call or email us at info@deflouredbakery.com if you have not made payment and need to confirm your order.


What is your refund policy?

No refunds for items purchased in the shop or from one of our retail partners.


Do you offer refunds if something is not to our liking?

No, taste is so subjective and understand we may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


Do you offer shipping of your delicious treats?

Yes, we love spreading the enjoyment of Defloured. We only ship out Tuesday and Wednesday of each week to ensure your treats do not hang out in a UPS terminal over the weekend in place of being enjoyed.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping starts at $18 per order. Unfortunately, due to the variant in shipping costs based on weight, ship-to-location and speed of delivery, there is no way for us to determine shipping prior to your ordering specifications. Once you place your order, we will determine shipping based on the weight of your purchase, location, and shipping mode and send an invoice to the email you provided. 


What do you ship?

All our cookies and bars with the exception of lemon, peanut butter bar, and Makin’ it Rain bars because they require refrigeration. 8” angel food cakes, bundt cakes without frosting and crumb cakes also ship well. Please see our menu below for our currently available items for shipping:

Defloured Shipping Menu


Do you ship cakes and cupcakes?

We currently do not (awkward pause)


May I include a note with the shipment?

Absolutely, but we will read it.


How long do your products last?

Different products have different shelf-lives, and most freeze quite nicely. We package to ensure freshness. Although most items are best eaten within 3-4 days Maximum shelf life for cookies is 5-6 days, most other goodies 10 days. Items can be frozen up to 2 months.


Will my products stay fresh if they are mailed across the US?

We recommend overnight shipping or two-day at the most to ensure freshness. 2-day orders placed after 5:00 PM CT on Wednesday may not ship until the following Monday to prevent your shipment from sitting at a shipper’s facility over the weekend.  We will always ship the most economical way.


Do you ship internationally?

No, but once we master the nation, we will take on the rest of the world. Come along for the ride.

Our Goodies

Is everything at Defloured gluten free?

Our favorite question! Yes, all gluten free!  All made under one roof and with love and a great sense of humor (and humility).


What do you use instead of wheat flour? 

For the majority of items a combination of brown rice flour, tapioca flour and potato starch that we mix ourselves. Some items have sweet rice flour as well. Our sandwich bread is graced with millet flour. We also mix our own bread flour.


Are the products made in a gluten free facility? 

YES! We are in a 100% dedicated Gluten Free facility. We also try to purchase as many ingredients as possible from manufacturers with gluten free facilities.


Do you have items that are corn free?

Yes many items in the case are corn free. Anything with baking powder does have traces of corn starch as well as anything with frosting. Love frosting? Need a cake? Corn free cakes, cupcakes and/or sandwich cookies can be special ordered and require minimum 14 days’ notice.  Additional costs will apply.


Do you have items that are egg free and soy free?

Yes. When it comes to soy free our follow-up question would be if you can tolerate soy lecithin, an emulsifier found in most chocolate bars and chips. If so, it opens up more options.


What is the shelf life of your products?

Although most items are best eaten within 3-4 days Maximum shelf life for cookies is 5-6 days, most other goodies 10 days.


Do you have any vegan products?

We do and are continuing to add more and more products. We use soy free butter sticks and flax or Energy-X to replace the egg.


Do you have any dairy free products?

Yes, and continuing to add more and more products. Please note eggs are not dairy although commonly confused as dairy. If you require items that are egg free, please specify upfront.


Do you have options if I am nut and peanut free?

All pans, mixers and utensils are cleaned after every batch. If you would like to order one of our items without tree nuts or peanuts, please let us know and we will take extra precautions to make sure we guard against cross-contamination. For example, bake and package ordered items first thing before any other items are produced. Please understand the facility had both tree nuts and peanuts.


Do you offer any breads?

We do, thanks for asking! We make bread only on the weekends and currently have challah, sandwich bread, and a pizza bread offered only in the shop.  You may also place an order in advance for our breads- we do ask for for 3-5 days’ notice.


I purchased one of the Take & Bake items, what are the baking instructions?

-TAKE & BAKE COOKIES:  Bake me at 350° for 8-10 minutes. I’m needy, please check on me! Then, enjoy me!
-TAKE & BAKE SCONES:  Brush me with milk or butter. Bake me at 350° for 30-35 minutes. I’m needy, please check on me! Then, enjoy me!
-TAKE & BAKE CINNAMON ROLLS: Brush me with butter. Bake me at 350° for 25 minutes. I’m needy, please check on me! Let me cool, then cream cheese me! Then, enjoy me!
-CHEDDAR APPLE BISCUITS: Brush me with butter. Bake me at 350 for ~20 minutes. I’m most delicious when enjoyed warm and fresh from oven!
-VEGAN POT PIES: Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes  Enjoy!


Have no idea what to choose?  What about a gift certificate?

You can send an e-card to someone!



We do also have gift cards in the bakery.  Give us a call or stop in to order one.

Pickup & Delivery

Do you have a storefront?

Yes! We are located at 1477 W. Balmoral, Chicago, IL 60640 where all the magic happens.


Do you have a delivery minimum?

The minimum order for delivery is $25.


What is your delivery policy?

If the delivery is to an office or apartment building downtown, we require that you meet us at the curb or lobby, or make arrangements for us to leave it with your doorman.  We require that you provide us with a direct phone number that will be answered within the delivery window we provide you. We will phone you when we are en route, and ask that you are waiting for us upon arrival.  We are only able to wait at your delivery location for 10 minutes.  If we are unable to connect with you within that 10 minute window, delivery will be unsuccessful.  We will not leave our goods unattended and will not be able to return for a second delivery attempt.


How much is delivery in the Metro Chicago Area?

Delivery fees are $12 Tuesday-Friday, $18 on Saturdays.  Delivery Areas: North/South: Howard St/Roosevelt Road (Chicago). East/West: Lake Michigan/Cicero (Chicago).


Do you deliver to the Chicago Suburbs or other cities nearby?

Delivery may be possible for an additional fee based on mileage and time. Please contact us and we’ll see what we can do. Please understand we are a small operation and delivery slots do book up.


How is delivery costs determined?

Delivery is determined by time and mileage it takes to deliver.


What days and times do you deliver?

We do not deliver on Mondays and have limited delivery availabilities on Tuesdays. Deliveries are made late morning, early afternoons. Please understand we are a small operation and delivery slots do book up.


Is it possible to have items delivered to one of your wholesale partners (i.e. Whole Foods)?

Unfortunately this is not possible.