holiday orders


  • Bar Tray 24 pc/$45, 30 pc/$55, 48 pc/$85, 60 pc/$105 (selection of three bars from the list below)
  • Bar/Cookie Tray 30 pc/$45 (Selection of two different bars and two different cookies from the list below)
  • Cookie Tray 30 pc/$32 (Selection of three different cookies from the list below)

*Bars:  Brownies, Caramel Chocolate Oat, Lemon, Pecan, 7-Layer, Bomber, SMores

*Cookies:  Chocolate Chip, Salted Peanut Oat Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodles, Peanut Butter Kiss, Oat Cranberry Orange, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, M&M

  • Vegan Cookie Tray 30 pc/$34 (Selection of vegan chocolate ginger, frosted oatmeal and vegan chocolate chip)
  • Dairy Free Cookie Tray 30 pc/$35.50 (Selection three different cookies from the following: vegan chocolate ginger, dairy free chocolate chip, chocolate crinkle cookie and vegan frosted oatmeal)

Ordering, Pick Up & Delivery Information: Delivery offered within Chicago delivery limits for $8.  Outside of Chicago delivery limits quote will be provided.

SPECIAL ORDERS: Forms, shmorms. We keep trying different forms and they keep failing us so please submit your orders by phone (773-234-5733) or via email for delivery within the Chicagoland area and shipments outside the delivery area (see below). All items are baked to order.  Minimum order for shipping is $25.