You can purchase our goodies at these tasteful Chicagoland locations, or order goodies here. Looking for a great gift? defloured Gift Certificates are available in any denomination of hungriness possible!!

Defloured ® would love to be invited to your party! Now offering trays of assorted cookies and bars. Please call or email for pricing. We will need to know how many people and the items in which you are interested. We’ll work with you to find the goodies to make your party a big hit!


Our bars are big enough to share (though you probably won’t want to!) and 100% delicious. $3.50 per bar. The following flavors/kinds are available:

Bomber(contains peanuts) A sweet/salty delight, affectionately named after my alma mater’s Ithaca College Bombers. Peanuts, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Heath bar and potato chips deliciously melded together on top of a GF graham cracker base.
Blondies (contains pecans)
M&M Brownies 
Chocolate Caramel Oat  (egg free)
Seven Layer


Our cakes make any day special and a special occasion extraordinary! Please give us at least 3 days notice for cake orders. Once your order is placed we may not be able to accommodate any changes.
NEW! Cookie Cake 9″ round $30.00
A cookie like mom used to make-only bigger. Available in chocolate chip, dairy-free chocolate chip, or sugar. Your own personalized message written with frosting on request!

Round Double Layer Cakes:
6″ = $35.00, 9″ = $46.00, 10″ = $62.00 Price for larger sizes on request. Your choice of chocolate, vanilla, lemon or cream cheese frosting (except where noted). Available in the following flavors:

Carrot (with cream cheese or new! dairy free frosting)
Vegan Chocolate (special order only,Vanilla or Chocolate frosting)
Red Velvet (special order only, cream cheese frosting)

Single Layer 1/2 Sheet Cakes $92- $98 each (special order only)
Double Layer 1/2 Sheet Cakes $115 – $125 each (special order only)
Your choice of chocolate, vanilla, red velvet or carrot cake with chocolate, vanilla, lemon or cream cheese frosting.

Crumble Cake $32.00 per cake
Your willpower will crumble when faced with this cinnamon crumb cake.

Heavenly Angel Food Cake (plain) 8″ $14.50 each, 10″ $24.50 each
This airy cake will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds!


We believe you should be able to have a different cookie every day of the week-and then some! $6.00 per 6 pack of the following flavors:
Chocolate Chip
DF Chocolate Chip
Hot Mama Chocolate Ginger
Vegan Chocolate Ginger
Coconut Lime
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Peanut Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter Smoochies (soft pb cookie base topped w/a Hershey’s kiss)
Sandwich Cookies:
Dulce de Leche ($6.00/3 pack)
Oatmeal – Little Debbie’s big sis Bertha, 2 oatmeal cookies w/vanilla filling! ($3.00 each)


Littler versions of their big sis cakes above and every bit as delicious! 1/2 dozen = $18.00, 1 dozen = $35.00. Available in the following cake/frosting combinations:

Chocolate/Chocolate Frosting
Carrot Cake/Cream Cheese Frosting
Carrot Cake/DF Frosting
Red Velvet/ Cream Cheese Frosting


Our Whoopie Pies will make you yell-well, you know. $4.25 each for the following flavors:

Red Velvet